July 15, 2015

About This Project

‘The patio’ offers many opportunities for the most wide varieties of plants. By a constant search for new products/ ideas and a good cooperation with their customers Van der Valk BV tries, on a innovative way, to put together a range that appeals the consumer.

Under the brand name Patio Plant® Van der Valk BV offers a comprehensive variety of terrace plants in store concepts. The nursery has the disposition of a product range with over 250 species. As a specialist Van der Valk BV supports different kinds of wholesale activities.

By a wide and diverse range Van der Valk BV aspires to guarantee continuation to their customers. The experience extends beyond the Patio plant collection and Van der Valk BV happily makes use of this during the springtime by offering a wide selection of Balcony and Bedding plants. Furthermore the company focusses on the production of Cyclamen and Poinsettia’s during the autumn.


The various segments:

  • Patio Plant® collection
  • Terrace plants
  • Fruit trees and bushes
  • Climbing plants
  • Hard plants
  • Water plants
  • Bedding plants
  • Pelargoniums
  • Impatiens
  • Cyclamen
  • Poinsettia’s