July 15, 2015

About This Project

StrijbisVerbeek COokies: produces a special COllection as is explained in the previous sections. These beautiful products can be compared to COokies. COokies are al also a special everyday treat. COokies are available in all kinds of ways. You know it yourself. If you want to fill up a cookie jar there are tons of choices. has a ‘cookie jar’ full and its varies from basic (biscuits) to specialties (delicates). The flowering pot plants are produced in all kinds of ways and the pot plants are available in different shapes, colors and sizes. Every day fresh from our nurseries and enough to choose from.

StrijbisVerbeek COmpany
Here is a little history about our impressive company. In 2006 Strijbis Potplants merged with Verbeek and the company became StrijbisVerbeek. In 2010 the son of the founder Arie Strijbis entered the company. In 2011 the board of directors from StrijbisVeerbeek agreed on a more international name that you can still see everywhere around the world today: SV.CO.

StrijbisVerbeek COnnect is specialized in day trading. On a daily basis exporters order our products and it gets delivered on the same day. How fresh is that?? Besides this, stimulates the cooperation with exporters clients and breeders. By doing so, creates a business environment where openness and new trends can be easily adapted.

Strijbisverbeek COnsumer
SV.CO likes consumers! We are focused on the customer behavior and that’s why we implement consumer packaging. Our varieties are authentic And every variety can be packaged in a different way. Eventually the end user can then buy the packaging they personally prefer.

StrijbisVerbeek COllection:
SV.CO is specialized in offering a wide variety of products. The company tends to offer the customer the choice to buy the products in different stages. All products can be ordered from basic to special and from fully blossomed to a more green pot plant. also offers a wide range of colors shapes and sizes. This goes for the pot chrysanthemums, kalanchoes, pointsettias and the primula obconia.