July 15, 2015

About This Project

Jac. Uittenbogaard & Zonen BV (JUB Holland) is a traditional family business with a modern touch. Nurserymen since 1910, today we are still growing and exporting quality flower bulbs to more than 30 countries.


JUB Holland is one of the few remaining companies still operating as nurseryman as well as being an exporter. The annual cycle of growing starts in September, with the planting of daffodils, and ends with the lifting in June-July. Our 90-acre nursery follows the strict environmental regulations of MPS for the growing of tulips, daffodils and alliums.


The trade division of JUB Holland consists of ‘Landscape’ and ‘Retail’.

LANDSCAPE: our landscape department supplies quality bulbs to the professional green sector, including local authorities, landscapers, garden designers and professional gardeners. Our wide range and options and mechanical planting make up an impressive programme. The colour combinations and mixtures for mechanical planting have become a very important part of our total landscape division.

RETAIL: with our retail department, we play an important role in the sale of prepacked flower bulbs in Holland and many other European countries. A large proportion of the prepacked bulbs are offered as gift items, largely designed and produced by our own design team, following the latest trends. Using innovative packaging and maintaining high quality are key elements for our designers as well as our production team in the warehouse.


Besides nursery, landscape and retail, JUB Holland has a fourth activity: the forcing of 4.5 million tulips for cut flower production. After being planted in trays in October, the bulbs get their important cold period in our cold stores. In our modern glasshouses they’re in the right climate to grow into cut flowers. In 2010 JUB Holland joined ‘Polderpride’ – a group of forcing specialists – with the aim of supplying top quality tulips, grown in compost, direct to the retailers.


The future is important, and with this in mind JUB Holland joined hybridising combination ‘Remarkable’ in 1996. Remarkable comprises several growers and specialists with the aim to produce and select new tulip varieties with a reduced sensitivity for diseases, amongst other criteria. Carefully planned cross-pollination results in seeds that need several years of growing, taking 4-5 years before they produce their first flowers. At that stage the first selection starts, later followed by a very severe selection based on habits for forcing, flowering and sensitivity to diseases. Only three or four varieties per year pass the tests. The total process from seeds to a marketable variety takes up to 18 years!


SHOW GARDEN  The new JUB Holland show garden has been an instant success. Our complete range of landscape and retail varieties is on display: 800 varieties during the spring (March-May), followed by 500 varieties in the summer (July-September). The show garden is open to customers and the public on weekdays.