Olsthoorn Verpakkingen


July 15, 2015

About This Project

Olsthoorn Verpakkingen – Van der Windt Group

Packaging Solutions and Services


The Van der Windt Group develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of packaging and disposables. Our range includes around 15,000 articles focused on the agriculture and (ornamental) horticulture sectors, the retail and service segments such as catering, food service, cleaning and health care. Since Van der Windt began in 1969 it has expanded into a leading packaging supplier with clients all over the world.


Part of the Pacombi Group
The Van der Windt Group companies are Van der Windt Verpakking BV (Honselersdijk, the Netherlands), Olsthoorn Verpakkingen (Maasdijk, Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer, the Netherlands), Van der Windt Packaging (Belgium), Van der Windt Packaging Ltd (UK) and Van der Windt Packaging Ltd (Ireland). The Paardekooper Group companies arePaardekooper Verpakkingen B.V. (Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands), Depa Disposables B.V. (Beuningen, the Netherlands), Halma Packaging B.V. (Beuningen, the Netherlands), Halma Packaging Ltd (UK) and Halma Packaging Ltd (Hong Kong) and since May  2014 TVD Europe B.V. Together all these companies form the Pacombi Group.


Global purchasing
The articles in Van der Windt’s range come from all over the world. An extensive network of suppliers and short lines of communication mean our purchasing team hear about new innovations very quickly. This enables us to ensure our range is always right up-to-date. Not only when it comes to materials and manufacturing methods, but also when it comes to sustainability. Many products in our range are made from renewable raw materials. We also offer clients the possibility of compensating for the harmful CO2 emissions generated by products and processes.


The advantages of the Van der Windt Group

An extensive range of packaging and disposables;

  • Is well up on the fruit & vegetable, ornamental horticulture, food, non-food and retail sectors as well as service segments such as catering, food-service, cleaning and health care
  • Experienced advisors with an in-depth knowledge of the packaging business
  • An in-house design studio
  • Large, state-of-the-art warehouses that ensure fast and flexible delivery
  • A fleet of trucks for deliveries throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.